The Lord’s Supper

On the first Sunday of each month we share the Lord’s Supper together as part of our morning worship. If you are someone who knows and loves the Lord Jesus Christ, someone with a living faith in God and his Word, you are welcome to join us in this fellowship meal. If you are not yet a Christian believer, you are welcome to attend the service, but we would ask you to simply pass the bread and the cup to the person next to you, without embarrassment.

Children and the Lord’s Supper

We believe the bible teaches that the children of believers share in the blessings of God’s gracious promise and covenant. If the children of believers have received the first sign of belonging to God’s covenant family – that is, baptism – and if they, even at an early age, have professed a simple faith in the Lord Jesus, then there is no good reason to withhold communion from them. But the final decision will rest with the church elders, following discussion with the child’s parents. And should the child reject the grace and the covenant into which he or she has been born, then the privilege of sharing communion with the Lord’s people would be withdrawn.
In summary, then, with respect to the Lord’s Supper, the children must be:

  • The children of believers.
  • Children who have been baptised.
  • Children whom the parent/s and elders agree show evidence of a simple but genuine trust in the Lord Jesus, with the elders making the final decision.

Rev Dr James Torrens